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What’s in your bag?

The Zellie community share what they pack in their changing bag.

If you would like to contribute to this page, please send your video to:

These are real life videos, shot on phones (no camera/editing skills required) – just show it as it is!

ABOVE: Isabel shows us how much she can fit in her Poppins Pouch!

ABOVE: Sarah shows us around her Woburn bag.

ABOVE: Katie chats about how her Florence Adventure Bag is shared between her baby and toddler.

ABOVE: Leniece chats about her Pip & Friends Poppins Pouch

ABOVE: Gabrielle shows us around her Paddington Grey Bag

ABOVE: Kimberley chats about her Pip in London Adventure Bag

Above: Samantha shows us how she uses her Luca Adventure Bag

Above: Elizabeth shows us how she uses her Elba Adventure Bag

Above: Abby shows us how she uses her Woburn Adventure Bag

Above: Mum-to-be Bekki, talks through her pre-packed ‘Paddington Grey’ (Sandown), hospital bag.