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Archive for August, 2018

Ice lollies for kids

Say cheerio to sticky fingers and gooey hands with this super-easy, super-simple Zelliegem. To protect little hands from messy lolly drips and dribbles, just pop a cupcake case skirt round the stick to catch them!


Preventing ice lolly drips

Keeping cool in summer

As pregnant woman, during the summer your breasts may feel hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. It may seem crazy but it’s said that putting your bra in the freezer is a nifty trick you can use to help cool them down. Say goodbye to under boob sweat!


Keeping cool in summer

DIY door latch silencer

It’s every exhausted parents nightmare – you’ve finally got your baby or toddler into dreamland, only to have your efforts thwarted by a loud noise that startles them from their slumber.

We’ve discovered that you can make a DIY door latch silencer with an unused eye mask. Keeping that inevitable *click* of doom at bay. Keeping your baby or toddler asleep has never been easier with this life hack.


toddler and baby sleeping hack